sabato 17 luglio 2021

The great cardinal R.L.Burke weighs in!

"In comments to the (National Catholic) Register, Cardinal Raymond Burke, prefect emeritus of the Apostolic Signatura, noted what he sees as a number of flaws in Traditionis Custodes, saying he could not understand how the new Roman Missal is the 'unique expression of the lex orandi of the Roman Rite,' as the new motu proprio states. The Extraordinary Form of the Mass 'is a living form of the Roman Rite and has never ceased to be so,' Cardinal Burke noted.
"He also could not understand why the motu proprio takes effect immediately, as the decree 'contains many elements that require study regarding its application.' 

The American cardinal further noted that in his long experience he has not witnessed the 'gravely negative situation' Francis describes in his letter. 

"While some faithful may have 'erroneous ideas,' he said, he has found the faithful in question generally 'have a profound love for the Church and for their pastors in the Church' and 'in no way ascribe to a schismatic or sedevacantist ideology. In fact, they have often suffered greatly in order to remain in the communion of the Church under the Roman Pontiff,' he said. 

"Cardinal Burke added that if there are situations 'of an attitude or practice contrary to the sound doctrine and discipline of the Church, they should be addressed individually by the pastors of the Church, the Roman Pontiff and the Bishops in communion with him.'  

Cardinal Burke also questioned the motu proprio’s tone, observing that it is 'marked by a harshness' towards faithful who worship in the Extraordinary Form. 

“'I pray that the faithful will not give way to the discouragement which such harshness necessarily engenders but will, with the help of divine grace, persevere in their love of the Church and of her pastors,' he said."

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